Universal 19"-RF-Rack
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Client: armasuisse
Realisation: 2002/2004
Description: Universal 19"-RF-Rack URR-19"


For measurements in the laboratory a universal 19"-RF-Rack was built in a table housing with ventilation. Test setups can be built easily, fast and compact. The rack was designed so that the various modules can be plugged into each slot to keep the RF connections short. The coax connections were done on the front panel. The power supply was installed in the rear of the housing. In the design especially the RF properties were taken into account, in particular for grounding, shielding, RF cabling and wiring of the power supply. Various components were installed on racks. The modules are realised as long 3U Eurocard (100x220mm). The components with low heat were mounted on a carrier sheet and provided with a cover. These modules are 6TE wide (30mm). The components with heat were equipped with a heat sink and therefore are 12TE wide. This modules need two slots.
For active components and the switches a power filter has been fitted to minimize interference from the power supplies, but also to suppress RF propagating from module to module via power supply.

To date, 42 different module types have been implemented in various frequency bands:

Coaxial Switch, SSB modulator, amplifier, log amplifier, PIN Attenuator, 3dB coupler, Coaxial attenuator, bandpass filter 1GHz, combiners, Detector Log Video Amplifier, directional coupler 30 dB, noise source, GPS with GSM remote control module, filter 3GHz, filter 15GHz , Triplex, Frequency Discriminator 3GHz 15GHz Frequency Discriminator, 4-hybrid coupler, mixer, 2-Hybrid Coupler, Detector Log Amplifier, Limiting Amplifier log, filter 6GHz

Some of the built-in components were developed by Gigatronic, some purchased as finished components and assembled.

Power Supply: +24V/1.5A