SMD-Placement and Reflow soldering
Our CSM7100 Pick & Place has a large application range:
- up to 100x8mm intelligent single Feeders
- up to  4000 cph  (IPC 9850 standard PCB: 3153 cph)
- Components 0402 to 33x33mm
- PCB size up to 380x180mm

Assembly of Coaxial Cables
We manufacture all kinds of coaxial cable up to 40GHz with care and precision.
To manufacture with consistently high quality and as economical as possible we work with a programmable stripping machine from Schleuniger.
cs5400 big

On demand we generate data sheets for each cable or batch production. Cables will be measured with our Network Analyzer ZVRE of Rhode & Schwarz.
We process preferably cables and connectors from the Swiss company Huber + Suhner so we can guarantee first class quality, responsible prices and fast delivery times.
We handle flexible cables (single and double shielded), semirigid cables and corrugated cables.